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Palabras Resource Page

Whether you're looking for milestones, language- facilitation strategies, ways to encourage more Spanish at home, or something else, we are confident you'll find it here!

Shy Child


These milestones, released by the American Speech- Language Hearing Association, are skills that 75% of children are shown to have by a given age. Check this list to make sure your child is developing as expected.

Looking for this information compiled into a single PDF? Check it out.

Development of Speech Sounds

Not all sounds are created equal! Consult the speech sounds your child is expected to have mastered by their age. 

Speech Therapy
Mother and Son

Tips to Help Develop Language Skills at Home

Consult some of Marianna's favorite tips & tricks to use in therapy that you can also be doing at home.

Great First Words to Focus On

Core words are powerful words that can be used across all contexts to get your child wants & needs met.

Baby Learning to Walk
Child Counseling

How to Encourage More Spanish at Home

If you're looking to use more Spanish at home in your quest to raise a bilingual child, check these strategies. 

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